Better Tomorrow

With ATOM Systems, your transportation management is an ongoing process of planning – from start to finish within a single shipment, but also from one shipment to another. Every time you ship, more data is collected, analyzed, and applied to the next planning session. That means, while your supply chain is optimized during every shipment, the optimization itself gets smarter and smarter as ATOM System continues to learn, track, measure, and grow.
In other words, unlike most uses of technology in today’s market, we’ve found a way to make ours get better with age.


Once an order is received, shipments are created based on a a comprehensive view of your supply chain, taking in to account any number of constraints and preferences and optimising for continuous moves.

Modes & Carriers

When it comes to finding the best value, ATOM System takes nothing for granted. It even optimizes your modes to find the best fit for each shipment before considering carriers. The carrier selection process examines multiple factors when measuring value, including custom Carrier Scorecards, which rate your carriers based on their performance regarding your own criteria.

Initiate & Finalize

ATOM System creates and sends EDI and email tenders, replans shipments as necessary, and generates email routing instructions for suppliers.

Track & Trace

Thanks to the universal compatibility of ATOM System, every shipment is visible at all times, regardless of who’s handling it and what technology they use for status updates.

Review & Settle

Each shipment is analysed and fed into your custom dashboard to help you visualize your supply chain’s efficiency in terms of single shipments or overall status. Equipped with this new data, ATOM System is ready to optimise new shipments like never before. And with automated auditing of freight bills, bills of lading, and other documents, you can safely stay focused on what’s most important – the future, not the past.


Great ideas are worth spreading.

Averitt is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management with international reach to more than 100 countries. Ever since we began in 1971, we’ve been constantly striving to improve our systems and practices, to make breakthrough after breakthrough in efficiency – all with the simple mission to provide the best service for our customers.

Averitt is a SmartWaySM partner and a carrier in The Reliance Network, providing LTL services throughout North America.

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